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About us

About us

RANPLAST is a family business established in 1989. We were one of the first in Poland to start producing plastic pincer clips and other curtain rod accessories. As the company grew, we launched the production of spacer crosses with brackets and other tiling accessories. Over the years, we have gained sufficient experience, enabling us to enlarge our machine park, automate the production process and expand our product range.

We currently supply products to various industries:

  • interior furnishings and decoration,
  • construction
  • automotive
  • electronics
  • catering accessories

We recruit proven and experienced professionals who have the necessary technical knowledge and are committed to the development of the company. In this way, we guarantee that our products comply with the highest quality standards.

We are ECO

We are environmentally conscious,

which is why we manufacture our products using recycled materials (so-called closed-loop production). Moreover, we systematically implement lines of ecological products (cutlery, glazing accessories, curtain and curtain products).


our products are made of recycled materials


Our mission is to provide comprehensive customer service - FROM IDEA TO PRODUCT. We realise this through our IDPP model, that is:

1 1
Step 1


2 2
Step 2


3 3
Step 3


4 4
Step 4



Whereas, our vision is to become an esteemed and unique manufacturer of closed-loop and bio-plastics on the Polish market. We base this idea upon our many years of experience in manufacturing and with the welfare of our planet in mind. We intend to continuously develop and achieve the highest quality through the use of knowledge, modern technologies and the implementation of new eco-product lines. We wish to offer customers an individual approach tailored to their unique needs. We aim to become an appealing employer that hires on fair terms and attracts people who are courageous in facing challenges and willing to work on developing their competencies.

Business goals

We developed the following business objectives based on our mission and vision:

  • continuous improvement of product quality,
  • top-level customer service,
  • continuous development of the company through the implementation of modern technologies with respect for the environment.

If you require comprehensive care for your project, you are welcome to join us!

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