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Environmental awareness, or the closed-loop economy

How important is it for us to care for the environment?

As a brand, it is our commitment to care for the environment. In our daily activities, we are inspired by natural phenomena. Water, carbon, oxygen or nitrogen function in a closed cycle. It means that resources are not wasted, and our planet is not littered. Likewise, we have taken up the challenge: to create products in line with a closed-loop economy.

Environmental awareness is extremely important to us. For this reason, we always seek the best solutions when selecting biodegradable materials. In other words, we mostly use recycled pellets.

What is the closed-loop economy?

The closed-loop economy imposes principles and good practices. With this method, manufacturers of, for example, plastic products prevent unnecessary waste and increase the level of recovery of raw materials. Such a product manufacturing method assumes that waste is a valuable raw material that should be used more than once.

At each stage of production, our team plans the use of materials and optimises production in such a way as not to harm our environment. The best way to understand how we operate is to be aware of how an economic economy works, which uses a ‘take – produce – use – throw away’ scheme. That method guarantees the thoughtless management of resources that contribute to littering our planet.

What do our activities look like in practice?

In our day-to-day practice, we strive to act in such a way as to

  1. use as little energy as possible,
  2. reduce CO2 emissions,
  3. produce as little waste as possible,
  4. conserve natural resources,
  5. increase the level of recovery of raw materials from waste.

We can also boast that we use green energy daily during production. That is because we have installed photovoltaic panels on the company’s roof.
As a result:

we are in the process of reducing the use of original petroleum-based plastics,
we have reduced our electricity consumption,
and we have reduced the creation of a carbon footprint.

Now and in the future, we plan to implement every possible solution to make our environment safe and the products we produce fully sustainable.

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