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Curtain pincer clips Curtain pincer clips

Case study

Curtain pincer clips that stay firmly in place and do not damage the fabric if suddenly tugged.

What are the distinctive features of Ranplast curtain pincer clips?

Our curtain pincer clips feature an unique pincer design. They are able to hold the fabric firmly while not causing damage if the curtain or drape would be pulled.


When did this start, and what has been the significance for Ranplast?

In 1989, the metal curtain pincer clips manufacturers from the Świątniki Górne area found out that the co-owner – Czesław Nowak – was a renowned injection mould developer. He also had a self-designed and built injection moulding machine, in other words, a simple production line. For this reason, they approached Ranplast with an order to design plastic curtain pincer clips.

What challenges have we faced?

The manufacturers required our company to produce plastic pincer clips that would meet their high strength and quality requirements. Czeslaw Nowak and his team took on this challenge.

What have we done?

In just a few months, we designed the first mould for the production of pincer clips for curtain rods with original external decoration.

What was the outcome?

The pincer clips we produced became a hit! We could not keep up with their production. The demand for high-quality plastic curtain rail frogs proved to be so overwhelming. Over the next few years, we expanded our range of curtain rail accessories, curtains and drapes. We now have the most diverse range of accessories and their various configurations and colours on the European market.

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