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One Level – a tile levelling system One Level – a tile levelling system

Case study

One Level – a tile levelling system to obtain a uniform tile surface

What are the distinctive features of Ranplast's tile levelling system?

Our innovative, easy-to-use and convenient levelling system are suitable for the most diverse types, sorts and thicknesses of tiles. One Level prevents tiles from displacement during installation and drying of the adhesive. By using our system, you obtain an even surface and do not need a contour line! As a result, working with the One Level system is much faster and more efficient.

The system includes removable clips and reusable wedges made of high-quality ABS plastic. The clips can be distinguished by the foot we have designed, which inserts under the tiles. It is thin and well-shaped, which makes it possible to fit it between the tile and the adhesive. The wedge, on the other hand, has slots that, once inserted, stabilise the clip and ensure that the tile is properly gripped. It also has a foot that protects the tile from damage when it is pressed down with the pliers.

Our clips are manufactured to ensure that they can be broken off quickly and in the appropriate place. Therefore, all you need to do to dismantle the system is to hit the clip with a rubber mallet or simply kick it with your shoe. The clip then breaks off, and the wedge is released.

Our specially designed adjustable clip is the icing on the cake. The whole set is suitable for both professional tilers and amateur handymen.


When did this start, and what has been the significance for Ranplast?

Every year our representatives participate in international trade fairs, numerous training courses and industry events. In this way, we monitor the market demand and succeed in meeting its expectations. That is also what happened in 2018, when the designers sprang into action and, within a few months, created the first prototype of the One Level tile laying and levelling system!

Starting in 2019, we have only been producing a state-of-the-art levelling system using recycled raw materials. In this way, we can also take environmental considerations into account in our daily work. Meanwhile, we have launched the production of a special version of eco wedges that are manufactured using a component containing plastic and up to 40% wood flour. Wood flour is a waste product generated during carpentry production. It means we are contributing to preserving our shared environment.

What challenges have we faced?

We faced the challenge of increasing the quality and efficiency of tile laying by professionals. In this way, they were able to save time, as well as work with good quality tools and materials while taking into account the environment.

What have we done?

In 2019, after numerous tests and feedback from tradesmen, we designed the final version of the system:

  • clips in three sizes,
  • reusable universal wedges,
  • and a dedicated adjustable crimper.

It was this set-up that made our products stand out in the market. We did not stop there. In the next stage, we made innovative moulds, for which we had previously obtained partial funding from an European Union grant.

What was the outcome?

We have created a tile levelling system that makes it possible to obtain a uniform tile surface. Besides the system, which significantly improves the work of professionals, we have also started to do something for the environment.

Obecnie dążymy do produkcji w tzw. obiegu zamkniętym, czyli ponownego wykorzystywania materiałów. As a result of this measure, we significantly reduce the waste generated during production. Our core mission and day-to-day operations also include the use of green energy for production. We have installed photovoltaic panels on the roof of the company and thus contributed to reducing the use of original petroleum-based plastics, decreasing electricity consumption and, as a result, limiting our carbon footprint.

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